QC Ware Platform Client Library (Python)

This package contains functions for easily interfacing with the QC Ware Platform from Python.

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This documentation is for the latest (prerelease) version of QCWare’s Forge client, which at present relies on some internal packages. It is “baked into” QCWare’s Jupyterhub notebooks, but local installation will have to wait until Quasar, our circuit-model library, is publicly available.

Ordinarily, you would install as follows:

To install with pip:

pip install qcware

Or, to install from source:

git clone https://github.com/qcware/platform_client_library_python.git
cd platform_client_library_python
pip install -e .

Sign up for an API key at https://forge.qcware.com to access Forge. Please see our documentation.

Please see the documentation

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